High Speed Gliding looks like major fun but what type of stuff is best to use:
what is the most popular wheel size for HSG?
what type of uni do you use freestyle/muni/ect?
what tyre is best a slick I would think?

Re: Hsg

HSG is not popular. Otherwise, 24" was the size of choice by Brett Bymaster and other enthusiasts I’m aware of.

It shouldn’t matter, other than easy ability to put your foot on the fork crown and keep it there.

I don’t think a slick would be best. Your tire will pick up dirt and things from the riding surface, and you need some tread to give your shoe a better grip with all that stuff in between. I think a light, non-aggressive tread would be best.

You forgot to ask about the safety gear.

i was going to but i just figured it would be the same as normal 661’s and a helmet any thing else?

I love HSG!

I find the best uni to do it on it a 20". I find it easier to control, and more responsive!

As for tyres, I use a Luna tyre on my trials, and a Primo on my Freestyle. The both work well, although the tred on the trials is worn out (from gliding)

As for protection, i just wear my usualy stuff (helmet, leg pads, gloves, wrist support)

I tried HSG on my Muni (26") it was really fun, but hard. I went really fast, and my shoe actually started to burn (you could smell the rubber)

TIP: Try to lift your foot off when you glide sometimes (so you are coasting) for a short bit of time, maybe just a second. This makes you go faster (less resistance) and does not wear out the tyre and your shoe as fast! It also heps improve your overall gliding (well it did to me anyways!)

On board video


Another HSG

Hope you like them…


nice if there is one thing i will learn by the end of next year gliding will be it!

That is so frickin’ cool!!! I’m learning to one foot WW right now as a transition to gliding, I can’t wait til I can do it!

Do the pedals/cranks still cause the wheel to want to oscillate or wobble? Have you tried gliding without them?

I thought this would make a good gliding tire: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=733
but maybe Foss is right about having some tread, and I can see how a 20" would be easier to control. I don’t know, I can’t even glide yet, but those videos got me all psyched about it!

Have you ever had to bail at high speeds?

Pleased you like the videos :slight_smile:

Yeah, the cranks and pedals do make the wheel wobble quite a bit, but you can correct it. (this only really happens when going REALLY fast) and yes, I have tried with out them… It is good, a bit faster, but you cant go back to pedals at the end, so you just have to come off (which dont look as impressive if you can stay on).

That tyre looks cool! I aint seen it before!

There is no grip on it at all, so gliding would be quite hard! Fun though - maybe!

It is wet out side now, so I wont get any gliding done, and also our club has closed for winter (as it was in a school), but I am still learning to glide, as that can be done in the wet :smiley:


Not sure what you mean by “still,” but the laws of physics have not been repealed. The longer the cranks and the heavier the pedals, the more oscillation you will encounter. Taking them off corrects this, but leaves you walking back up the hill.

I’d definitely keep some tread. All you have to do is go through a little dirty spot, like a dried up puddle, and have a bunch of grit between your shoe and tire. Especially if you’ve been going for a while and the tire is hot. The dirt will stick!

Never faster than running speed. My brain won’t let me. I’ve gone high speed gliding with Brett, but at the time, he was a brute-force glider, with a heavy foot. I could get equal speeds on much less slope, so I wasn’t comfortable on the steeper hills he preferred. I like just enough slope to pick up speed. Too much, and you start to cramp up your hamstrings. Or maybe I’m just out of shape…:frowning:

I get cramp in my hamstrings! It is the worst thing ever!

I have glided fast than running speed! It is scary. I usually do FTRSHSG (faster than running speed high speed gliding), on big hills, preferably with a grass verge, so i can bail onto it :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve only bailed twice.


my fast glide was 30 km/hour. But it was a small hill. So i couldn’t go faster. And I was also trying to coast when I was going down.