HS33 Blade


I was riding down Skidaw, Cumbria on saturday, when I UPD’d and smashed the brake blade off my uni…

I will need to get a new one, but they come in packs of two.

So, anyone in the UK who needs a new blade for their brake (HS33) want to go halfers on a pair? These are the ones I am going to get, unless you know of a different/cheaper pair).

Please PM/email me if you are interested.


they break quite allot so while there is that offer on chain reaction i would just get 2 for yourself.
think i will do now i have seen it!
remember those blades are slightly shorter than standard (i am pretty sure)

talk soon

Thanks Des,

I have not heard of them snapping before, but as you said they do, I will buy both of them… I think.
It will take me a bit of time to save up the money, as I need some more stuff too, so for now the deal on going halfers with someone is still on, if anyone is interested!