HS 33 90* banjo fittings where to buy??

Does anyone know where to buy HS 33 (banjo fittings) 90* bends?
I bought some from a Australian recumbent builder (over the net) but they only work in the smaller hole on the lever which is actually the bleed hole and don’t have anything to seal the bigger hole where currently the hose connects using an olive. This must have been the arrangement with the older HS 22.


Any 90* bend would do as long as it screws into an 8mm, fitting with 0.75 pitch on the thread.

Have you try going here?:

Or here:


Rolf, are you describing a chain-tensioning part? I can’t tell if it’s something like that, or something deserving of a comment like the one from Carlos. :slight_smile:

Also I was curious about your avatar. Is that a picture of Randy Judkins?

Yes thats Randy Judkins…and yes i already have a banjo for sitting out on the porch to play to passes by, venturing out on canoe trips NOT.

These 2006 Magura HS 33 brakes are proving to be a pain in the ass. There must be some other way of changing the angle of the hose at the lever?