how's this uni for trials?

I’m starting to get more into trials and street riding and need something more suited to my needs than my dx24 so, I had my eye on this…
Does anyone here have this model? I haven’t really heard alot about Qu-Ax(how the hell do you pronounce that?). Like I’ve said before, I’m big and heavy so, I’d want something that’s going to put up with my weight. I don’t intend on doing any big drops, just tricks, mainly. I’m not too concerned about the 14lb weight, as compared to the nimbus trials or the KH trials, which weigh in at 12lbs. I weigh 230lbs and don’t think that 2lbs is going to matter too much. If nothing else, the extra weight will make it that much more stable.

It seems like a good ride, for the price.


quaxs are really solid and a lot of people swear by them. i would go for it.

solid, slightly heavy, but you mentioned that. People vary but it’s genreally pronounce queue-axe.

I just received this cycle 2 days ago and I really like it so far. This is the first time that I’ve ever ridden anything but a 24" so I don’t have anything similar to compare it too. The build quality is top notch. I feel really good about my decision especially at the sale price. I’m over 200 lbs as well, by the way. After less than an hour riding, I’m already getting close to idling and ridding backwards. Hopping has been fine too, other than I need some more pressure since the tire is folding a little. I highly recommend this cycle. Hurry if you decide to go for it, because the sale is supposed to end today.

At it’s regular price it was hard to justify

I bought a KH 20 for about 370 ish last year from A E B. So at even dollar, the Quax seems heavier yet not much stronger, so KH was a more popular choice in the USA. Quax did better in Europe (judging by videos ), where it was more price competitive.

That said, now that Quax has gone down to 300, and KH up to about 420 last I heard, the game looks different.

I have only read good things about the quax trials uni, though I have never actually seen one. They are considered almost unbreakable tanks by most comments I have read. Very durable seat posts etc.
I would say that a 300 $ quax is a good deal, especially for a heavy rider. :slight_smile:

my mate does nd its sweet for trials

I would put money on parts lasting longer on the Qu-Ax than the KH.

Go for the qu-ax!! Especially with the reduced price! I have a KH 07 and I wish I wouldn’t spent all that money when I could get the similar qu-ax at a way better price!!:frowning:

Unless you’re Jackie… but that can be fixed with a CF base…

yeah, but the base doesnt really count as a uni brand part, cause they are all the same velo base.

Cf base for Jackie = Gewd!

27 plastic base = $1600. Cf base is money saved.

for sure.