How's this for a beginner uni :-)

This is hilarious if your a unicycle purist.

Full ack.

:roll_eyes: I now regret my username. A CYCOcycle??? Really? sigh…

Seriously? I somehow can’t see that catching on :stuck_out_tongue:

Those have been on the market for a while now; I remember seeing them last summer when I was at Toys R Us…I thought of it as some frankenstein unicycle/trike hybrid. Of course, this was before I even got a unicycle but had a developing interest in them. Of course, it reminded me somewhat of the Skatebike that we picked up a long time ago. I’m sure now I could ride that thing with no problem.

When I got home, I checked it out on youtube to see what they were all about/how they worked and realized that they’re geared towards kids and aren’t by any means practical. Plus, if you thought the Schwinn unis were problematic with the fixed height settings, the CC will turn you the other way as there is almost no seatpost adjustment and will burn your legs out fast on that 20in wheel.

Just had a look and these are selling at £99.99…bit steep for something as dodgy as that, can get a proper learner uni for almost half price!

I wouldn’t.

Just get a basic uni like a Torker LX or or better yet a Nimbus II and find a long railing between waist and chest hight.