How's New York for uni?

Hey NY people,
I’m going to be in Brooklyn for 5 weeks. I was debating with myself about taking my uni with me then I thought about asking the locals. Is it worth it? Any parks not too far to practice? I would probably take the Equinox 20" as it’s a nice one on clean surface and it only weight 5kg - other option is my 24" muni but its probably too tricky to put it in my bag.
I’m not a beginner but I’m still at the stage where I need to ride ride ride to get better and work on my bad habits.
So… Should I or not?

Brooklyn is a big place, but there are many parks that are fine for unicycling. Prospect Park, for example is great for riding.

There are also bicycle lanes that make unicycling a reasonable activity.

I am no longer strictly speaking, a local, but I would heartily recommend bringing a unicycle with you.

And if you are going to be in Brooklyn around the weekend of Labor Day, August 30 - September 2, 2013, then the NYC Unicycle Festival will probably be taking place. This has included a unicycle ride from New York’s City Hall on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn and on to Coney Island. It’s a ride of about 13 miles and a total blast.

It is worth bringing the uni to Brooklyn. Prospect Park is 3.3 miles around the road inside the park. You can also go off the path and ride on trails, but the kids from the Poconos riding during the NYC Festival did not think the trails off road in Prospect Park were challenging. They were actually riding on the Bridal Path for the horses.

Central Park is similar to Prospect Park, but bigger. A nice ride would be from the Battery, up the West Side to and around Central Park. You can get a bike map of the city online before you come. It shows you all the bike lanes throughout the five boroughs. I would meet you for a ride if our schedules work out. Contact me before you come if you like.

Another fun thing to do when traveling with your unicycle is to ride it in iconic, or famous places. Bring it into Manhattan and just check out the scenery; there are interesting places to ride everywhere. :slight_smile:

Thanks to the airplane limitations, I won’t be able to bring it with me… :frowning:

But Google told me that there is a club in NYC - the one behind the Festival - meeting twice a month. On their website, it says that they often have more unis than people. I’ll try to get in touch to see if I can join them once or twice.

Another option would be to buy a cheap second hand one (is Craiglist the best option?) and sell it before leaving.

Of course, it’ll all depend on how much time do I get outside of my working hours…

Yes, definitely connect with the NYC Unicycle Club, as I did on my last trip there. Let them know you are a member of this group for added interest. You could buy a cheap uni to ride on other days, but I’m sure they can hook you up if you only ride at their meeting.

Yesterday was the sunday meeting of the NYC Uni Club. I went and I’m glad I did! I rode to the meeting point all the way from Brooklyn (on a normal bike), which was a good 12 miles. People turned up slowly, and by mid-afternoon we were about 15 (and 20 unicycles).
Great people, great weather, my first 50ft on a 36" too, all in all a great day! Will try again to go in two weeks, but I might be on a plane already.
If you’re ever in the NY area when they meet, I can only encourage you to join for an afternoon of good fun!