HoW's got a new video too!

Well, actually, it’s pretty much just of me, but you can download it from the HoW gallery. It’s 36.5 MB, only 1 min. 42 sec. long, and very bad quality. I just used the cheap editing software that came with the camera (don’t worry, no “star-wipes”).

It’s pretty much worse than the new video in all respects, though the riding is perhaps a littler streetier, so at least you get variety.

The girl riding is my lovely camera assistant and level 1 unicyclist, Wendy Belton.


Oh yeah, it’s the one titled “Frank’s video”.

cool video, nice riding. Bit of a mission to download tho…

For all those people havin encoding problems go here and get this program:

It encodes in MPEG1 Muxed so the audio and video is all in one channel (or something)… its about as good as you can get for quailty/size.


Yaaay Frank!!! Thats a sweet video you put together! you shouldn’t be so modest- that was some awesome riding! i think you should put together a muni video before you leave uva though.

personally, im a fan of quicktime which works great for playing back the video.

Thanks, I’ve never known much about encoding, I’ll try and figure it out and upload a smaller version.

Wonderful movie with wonderful music.

Umm, am I blind, or is it not there? I don’t see it.

i have the same problem. when i go to the gallery its just a picture of frank at the skatepark, no video even when i click it it just makes the pic bigger

Well trip was a loser and deleted it. Its back up now. theres a picture and a video named Frank’s Video because I couldn’t figure out how to make the picture the thumbnail of the video.


yes i am a loser…

but at least we got the page back to how it should be (thanks john)

yes i am a loser…

but at least we got the page back to how it should be (thanks john)

oh yes, in the next few days 81, yes 81, pictures will be added to the gallery in the American UNIversity Ride folder in the Events section. The riders are Ben Plotkin-Swing, John Glazer, and me, Trip Glazer. they were taken with three separate but equal disposable cameras and are being developed as i speak!!!

I was planning on adding a star wipe in our movie just for fun. :slight_smile: I take it you’re a Simpsons fan?


Indeed I am, good catch!:slight_smile:

i condensed this movie to 6MB, much smaller than the original 37, so if you couldnt watch it before, thi is your chance! it really is a great movie
titled: Skatepark frank (6MB)

i will try to do the same with all the other movies in the album too.

Re: HoW’s got a new video too!

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 13:39:07 -0600, “muniracer” wrote:

>titled: Skatepark frank (6MB)
Thanks, I saw it now. Good video. Big jump around 1:05.

>i will try to do the same with all the other movies in the album too.
Are you talking about the movies in albup24 (HoW videos)? I’ll dl them
after you’re done. Let us know.

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