How's everyone doing? It's been awhile.

Hey Nate. My name’s Nathan too and today I’m ordering my 3rd unicycle: I started with a 24" which now has an outboard disc for Downhill. Last spring I also bought a 36 Oracle and have been commuting about 2x per week for my 15k2x commute. About a month ago I finally got good enough and have been riding it offroad. Such a blast!! see here

and today I’m ordering a 20" trial so I can practice idiling, backwards riding and hops. See here

I had also only glanced at maybe two 36ers live before I bought one. I think the high sitting position so far from the ground got me the most at the beginning. Now I’m used to ducking when going under bike underpasses and signs.

My progression on the 36 sounds close to yours although my idiling is not so strong. see here I typically only have one dismount per 30km to+home not counting like today when a semi turned in front of me and I dismounted. I try to time the lights and sometimes just hang on to a post.

I’m gotten pretty used to the constant staring. But yeah, so much fun sitting up so high! I just wish there were other 36ers to ride with, espcially off-road (I have a few friends who ride 24/26 offroad, but no bg wheels)

I sprained my ankle slightly on a dismount on a muni trail with the 36 where I jumped off and the ground was completely covered by leaves and thus concealed the big roots below. I’ve still got it taped but it’s better now. No long lasting problem. Good luck with the wrist. I had one from a bike fall about 10 years ago that took over a year to heal, every few months reinjuring and again with a brace. That was a pain.