How's Adam's neck healing?

I am only getting to read RSU intermittently and so I don’t always get all of the news.

How is Adam’s neck healing?

How’s Adam’s neck healing?

[B]Apparently, you haven’t heard… He traded-in his upper 7 vertebrae for a single Fireball tire. [/B]

Yeah, we haven’t heard anything from AccordNSX for too long. What’s up? Anyone have any word?

Re: How’s Adam’s neck healing?

He’s good, and healing well, last time I chatted with him, he was slightly out
of it…
I mean intoxicated.


I have been a bit out of it lately with school and work. Still trying to recover a bit financially from my “accident.” Suprisingly I haven’t been riding much, very little at all actually. I’m not feeling the freestyle unicycle, so hopefully in the near future I can make a trade on it towards a trials uni. Anyone up for a Fireball? I’ll take some pictures of the uni so you people can see how it came out. Thanks for caring.

Bring it on man! Really, though -consider hanging on to it. Things change. Sure would be nice to have you back in the uni-scene. :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed my trials uni and the riding I got out of it. I built the freestyle up so I could have something to go light on until I felt comfortable enough to get back into the riding that I was use to doing. Unfortunately I can’t afford a decent trials unicycle that I won’t break… so that kinda leaves trades up in the air or selling it. :frowning:

Hey now…your makin me feel bad for buying ones pride and joy! But I sure do love it. It has a wonderful home :slight_smile: Thanks!