Hi All. I’ve been lurking here for a while, and thought I’d finally come out.

My uni adventure started a while ago…some friends and I decided to go mountain
biking up at the local ski area. (I dedicated this summer to trail riding. What
a blast.) So there we were, happy riding the lift up when I see a bunch of
people cruising down the mountain on unicycles. After the initial shock (Yeah, I
had one of those stupid looks on my face!) I watched carefully. They seemed to
be doing better going down than I knew I was going to be. And a key thing I
noticed was they were all landing standing when they bailed. So I decide on the
spot that this should be my next activity. Oh, I ran across a Muni website a
couple years ago, so this prompted the memory. Turns out this was the weekend of
NUC 99 in Northbend, WA.

Well, I naturally tried to talk everyone on the trip to trying this with me. One
guy will, and another is waiting to see how I fair.

Last Friday I made the jump and bought a 24" Schwinn. Only got to play on it for
about 20 minutes over the weekend, but so far it’s a blast. I managing a half
revolution, which was enough to impress myself. Hopefully I’ll get some time to
work on riding this week before the weather changes. I figure I won’t be hitting
the trails until next year, after having all winter to figure this thing out.

I’m thrilled with this new and exciting adventure. (Doesn’t that sound cheesy.)
And I have an excellent support crew in the woman I recently started
dating–turns out she knows how to ride and showed off for me last night.

Yeah, life is good… -Rahn :slight_smile:

Re: Howdy!

You are truly blessed to have a woman in your life who rides. Mine simply
“tolerates” this and my many hobbies. Keep practicing! Brian Berlin Austin, TX

Re: Howdy!

Brian, I noticed your from Austin,TX. Do I know you? This is Eddie from
the Austin One Wheelers unicycle club. If not, please join us, were 24
members strong.

“Ein rad oder Kein rad”

Re: Howdy!

I’d love to find out more about the group. Sounds like fun! Brian Berlin Austin,
TX 928-0231