Howdy Stranger!

Hi John!

How are you? How is married life? What is your current address. I have a
couple of coke cans I've been saving for you (are you still collecting?).
Are you going to be in NY anytime soon? I saw your name all over the
unicycle news group when I was looking for some information and decided
to go straight to the horses mouth. I seemed to have worn the axle down
on my unicycle. When I tighten down the crank it rubs against the frame
and the wheel no longer turns freely. It's a semcycle crank and axle on a
miyata frame ( Tom Miller 1990?). Is there anything I can do to fix this?
Also, even if I fix it, I want to get another unicycle. What is currently
the strongest show quality unicycle out there? Keep in mind, I'm still
220 lbs and I jump rope. Do I need a mountain unicycle? ( No wise cracks
please)- Ray