How'd we do on last year's resolutions

Time for the end of the year checkup on your 2005 New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m still kind of a novice so here were mine:

My resolutions:

  1. Get my idling to where it’s as natural as sitting on the sofa.
  2. 5 miles without a UPD
  3. 20 mile ride
  4. Start riding in the dirt

I got 'em all except for the 20 mile ride.

Some of you had some pretty tough stuff to learn. Hope you all did well.

My resolutions were:

  1. Get solid level 8.

  2. Solid sideways wheel walk.

  3. Coast 50+ meters.

  4. Side ride.

  5. Stand-up wheel walk.

  6. I am not solid level eight yet. I’ve decided it’s nearly impossible to get a full three revolution pirouette unless you have a gym to ride in. I have not been able to motivate myself to learn the backward spin. Everything else I can do easily.

  7. My sideways wheel walk is nearly solid.

  8. I’ve managed to coast between 60 and 70 meters.

  9. I can side ride one-handed, and have gotten into and out of regular side ride several times.

  10. I’ve learned stand-up wheel walk, stand-up glide, and stand-up koosh-koosh.

So I kept 80% of my resolutions.

My resolutions were:

Get a major in college.
Get over my last GF.
Have sex.

I did the first two, so I’m happy.

got my resolution in like january.

mine from last year:

I’m goood at unispinning now.
I can ALMOST do a 360 unispin, but with winter and tons of snow I haven’t been able to practice for like a month. so I can’t do that yet.
I can successfully do all the skills in level 7, most of the time…still need to work at getting them more consistent.
I broke my foot right before Moscow Mountain Madness so I couldn’t do it ):
I did the giant big scary gap!! it was awesome (:
I’m better at seat out hopping…still not good yet though.

Ooh, I looked mine up :astonished:

(1) To end the year as fit as I start it. (This year, I failed.)

A consistent result! This year, I also failed. Right foot, left ankle, and right wrist all on their last legs. Half a stone (7 pounds) gained in weight.

(2) To ride some new routes.

Yes, a few, but still relying on the old stand-by routes too much. Did some good rides on Dartmoor and some new bits of Sherwood Forest. One long ride into the Vale of Belvoir.

(3) To do the fifty miles again, and hopefully the hundred. (This year, I think I never did more than 40 miles in a day.)

Yes, I did 50 - this time on the 700c. Last time it was on the Coker, so that’s progress of a sort. No 100 though.

(4) 25 miles without a dismount. (Last year, I managed just over 22 miles (35 km.)

Situation never arose. My riding opportunities and goals have changed.

(5) Not to rip open my chin, need 7 stitches and scar myself for life on the first free weekend of the year.

Success on this one, at least. Still ugly though.

I also made some progress at work, got a promotion of sorts. I did a bit more singing with the Morris men. The guitar fell by the wayside. Fencing has improved but still a long way to go.

Mine were:

[I]1. Buy a KH20"

  1. Learn to crankgrab and go to rubber on it.

  2. Learn to unispin it.

  3. Learn to wheelwalk.[/I]

All checked.

wheel i never got to level 7 or 8 becuase my 20 inch broke in march but between x mas and march so i only had a 28inch sun… i didnt get a KH but i am getting a DX for x mas… but i did get a coker… first ride was right around 26 miles… so yeah i didnt keep them very well… but this year i will have a strong 20" so they are pretty much gonna be the same


180 bluntslide. -check

flipslide a handrail. -nope

do the 16stair drop rail ive been looking at for a while. -damn rail! nope

crankflip the most stairs in the world. it stands at 7 at the moment - nope and its like 8 now

crankflip to grind- check

360unispin to grind.- check

get completely consisent with right foot grinds. -check

540s- nope

release my 2nd video- nope

and 100cm rolling hops- check

hahaha damn… i set a hard list. some i didnt even try (like 540s and flipslide a rail)

but i got 5 out of 10 tricks done… so %50

This is the one I’m most curious about.

I never saw this in the first place JJuggle so sorry for bugging you thru-out the year.

Giving this one a bump since we really are getting down to the end of the year. Click the link in my first post in this thread to check your resolutions from the beginning of the year.

I’m safe.

My goals and outcome…

  1. 1,000 miles on my Coker - Did 724 miles. I dropped this goal when I found it was taking the fun out of riding.
  2. A 50 mile ride on my Coker - Never attempted.
  3. Attend NAUCC in Ohio (my first NAUCC) - I went and had a blast!
  4. Pass level 5 before or at NAUCC - Past level 5 this past November.
  5. Finish organization of start up unicycle club - The Wonders Unicycle Club is alive and well!
  6. Two practices a week for uni club - decided to stay at 1 per week.
  7. Average weekly attendance at uni club of 25 by end of the year (we are averaging 12 - 15 at present) - Average attendance has been 15 - 20 this year.
  8. Ride down set of 10 steps on my MUni - Comfortable with 5, didn’t try 10.
  9. 4 foot drop on my MUni (best measured drop is 42" at present) - didn’t attempt it.
  10. Stop working on bigger drops on my MUni (after 4 foot drop!) - Maybe stop before 4 foot drop.

It’s been a great year! some of these goals helped me get better and helped me to improve my skills. Others fell by the wayside. My best accomplishment this year has been the growth of The Wonders Unicycle Club and to see the many riders in our club getting better. I love to hear one of our riders say, “I did it!”


I guess the only uni resolution I had last year was to learn to ride it. Done!


Psssh, EASY!

I got most of those in a few months…