If I am about five foot five inches How long of s should I have for a freestyle unicycle

I’m not sure what ‘s’ is…

You want to have a height that feels right for you. Dont have it so you are standing up all the way but freestyles are usually really high.

some people are proportioned differently. Some have longer legs than someone of the same height, some have longer torso’s. what you should be asking is…

If my inseam is _______inches, How long of a seatpost should I have for a freestyle unicycle?

most freestyle cycles come with 400mm seatposts. get the 400mm and cut it with a pipe cutter or hacksaw so its at a comfortable level with about 3-5 inches still in the uni frame so you can expand if needed.

EDIT: this advice is for standard frames, not high tube frames :stuck_out_tongue: