how do u post a picture in ur thread?

click where it says “attach file” and choose your photo (located on your 'puter) in the next window.

but how do u do more than one

good question!

I believe you can only post one image at a time by using the “Attach file” function.

You can post as many pictures as you like, mind the size please, in a single post by using the tags. That is for an image that has a postable URL, i.e. not merely a directory on ones own PC, put the URL between the tags and voila, the image appears. Of course, using this method puts you at the mercy of whoever is hosting the picture, i.e. if they take it down or change the address, voila, your image disappears.

But if you want to do “Attach file” multiple times, you have to do it using multiple posts.

Oh, and don’t use the “Preview Reply” function as that will erase your attached file. Oh, and don’t scan an entire magazine and post it.

Hee hee!