How would this look?

This frame.

This hub.

This rim (the gold 1)

These pedals

And red spokes and a red seatpost.


go for it if its cheap enough

ehm the rim and the hub doesn’t fit together … because there are 48 holes in the hub and the rim is for 36 spokes i think ?

you can lace that hub to that rim.

however it’s not the preferable thing to do cause of the spare holes that are left on the hub.

yea there is, its also kind of a prick to fit those together.

or i might go black spokes and black frame and post. that would look pretty cool.
and does any1 know of any yellow or gold 48 hole rims?

yea, that would be cool. what are you doing about the hub?

You can get stuff powder coated for like $20 USD or something like that.

hey man i reckon that uni would look good but you may have to compromise on colours depending on what people have in stock. why the tryall rim?

Yeah and it will be a pain to lace that hub to that rim.

dont the qu-ax unis come with 48 hole dx-32s now? maybe you could get one of those.

if you are on a budget remember that having a bike shop build the wheel for you is gonna cost money so it may work out cheaper to buy an off the shelf wheelset.


That frame wont fit the hub.

however its fits or not i think it’s wil be little spooky but cool :smiley:

it would look like a ketchup and mustard uni.

take the rim that QU-AX has it and paint it air brush

i would buy a full qu-ax wheelset with a dx-32 rim. but no one has 1 for sale.

I think ajata sells them

who is that?
and how much does he charge?

any 1?

You could’ve just googled it. It’s a unicycle shop I dont know how much they charge.

oh sorry, it’s