how wide is a parking spot for cars??

long jump for unicycling? or for track and field? cause track and field record is like 20’, dont know the unicycling one.

gallery search for skroboskim… it didn’t work anyways
ill do it later

mmmm why dont u do it now

people might think your lieing

and i wanna see it

Yeah…No offense but im pretty sure your lying…Judging by the footage ive seen of you before it seems very unlikely that you could do a longer rolling hop than unicyclistjoe.

Id very much like to see a video.

those videos are months old (excluding the picnic table gaps)
and i do rolling hops all the time, im not even sure that i can do it … I thought that i was hopping from the line, but it was about a foot in front of it :thinking: I have one video where I was 90% sure did it, but its reallly hard to tell because the camera is sitting on the ground …
thats the video… from what I can tell … I go about 3" into the parking spot the first time …

That was pretty bug but by comparing your wheel to how far you jump i can tell its definately not 9ft. Maybe 6ft which is still sweet. its hard to tell without a good camera angle. You should try to get someone to film you.

That was a pretty sweet jump though. Lots better than mine. I can only clear 1 square on the sidewalk(about 3.5ft)

…i can clear about 2 1/2 and they are the same size as yours

there is another attempt that i just posted … It was about 7 1/2 foot jump if you look @ it really closely(framebyframe) but i was tired by then

i popped my tire… ill fix it and go try again… my little brother is filming :slight_smile:

Oh well maybe it was just the angle…Good for you!

thanks :slight_smile:
ill video more tonight after church :slight_smile: maybe even get me doing something that is close to my limits …

God, I really need to get a video camera. Theres stone steps by a church I used to ride at, and I can jump to the last one, which is about 7 feet, I can do a lot longer too, and so much more, ergh! I wanna make a video!!!

Awesome Video i dont thunk that was 9 ft though, im not sure though.

TIP: measure the length of your riding shoes, then when your our riding and your want to know how far something is, you can just step it out.


thats a danged good idea.

Definately not 9 feet.

hop.bmp (812 KB)

That’s 6.5ft (around 1.8 meters) and at the max 7 feet.

How long have you been riding, that’s good!

lol, I can clear parking things (the little ones not the 9ft ones)and I dont think that hop is even 1.8m sry dude… Im not saying ur bad tho thats sweet but I dont think its as much as u think…

Edit : that looked like 60 inchs if u look at wheel distances, go convert 60 inch in meters plz… I kno that 41 or 42 is 1meter so that cant be that close from 1.8

I’d say around 6 1/2 feet. That’s still about a foot further than I can jump.

man thats way too much lol, u gonna figure that to mesure from front of the wheel on the jump and back on landing too…

The way I look at it is if he layed down in the middle of the gap how much room he would take up…I don’t know how tall he is but if he is 6’ tall then there will not be 3 more feet above his head…

all i have to say is that its a great deal farther than i can rolling hop.
good job.
im not too hot at rolling hops, im still working on it.