how wide is a parking spot for cars??

i rolling hopped across a parking spot yesterday, and im just curious as to how far it is in meters… for some reason i want to think that it’s 9’ … i don’t remember the conversion though; am I right thinking its 9 feet?

I bet that the parking spaces in USA is twice the size of those in sweden :wink:

But that’s really impressive! Good work!

thank you lol
twice the size?
lol that would make sweedish parking spot tiny (4-5 ft wide)
maybe i should say that it is a “texas” parking spot



What is a rollin hop? Nice job it sounds like it is good.

A rolling hop is when someone hops off/over something without stopping, it’s just one smooth motion. They’re just ride up to the place and jump.

ok thanks!

If that’s true you just set the unofficial world record for long jump.

No offense, but something must be wrong with your measuring.

i said i think … it may be smaller … ill go look it up

So bassically he is saying that he was riding his unicycle he went to the beggining of the line where the parking place is and then jumped to the line on the other side?

yes thats what im saying :slight_smile:
my dad said its 9 ft too …
i hope it is… ill video it later when i go uni-ing

EDIT: ill measure it w/ a tape measure so that we know for shore :slight_smile:
EDIT: apparently they vary the smallest being 8.2 ft and the largest being 4 meters (over 12 feet… not what i did)

standard is 9x 20 in-case-you’re-wandering
ok i want to go video this … :slight_smile:
im stoked :slight_smile:

go now and video it!! i wanna see


hurry hurry hurry

Lol, i want to see this. I cant wait to see it!

one last thing b4 i go… its 2.74m if it is exactly 9’

Go Now!

ok, i did it, idk how good the video is, but i got it… 2.845 meters if i did it exact (which i didn’t…i jumped off the first line over the 2nd one)
im waiting for it to upload so once it does … ill post the best one then the ones that are hard to see & whatnot … i videod it myself (noone else to do it 4 me right now)

edit, the video i made sucks
i screwed up ugg
i might not be able to do it :frowning:
I thought i barely went onto the line, but apparently i went into the parking spot

ill post the videos later… i gtg now

ok , the videos are in my gallery… skroboskim
i’ll make a better one later
when someone is around to video me

does anyone know where hios gallery