How well hung are your unicycles?

Mine have three points of support and can hang at any angle.

Really! Here are the photos:


Mine are bigger than yours… oh wait. Not that kind of hung… :astonished:

iunicycle, I see that yours are hung horizontally when not in use. Isn’t that uncomfortable? And “at any angle” at that! Mine are hung vertically down when not in use (see picture) and are mostly totally upright when in use (wanna see a pic?).

Klaas Bil

To add some missing spacial context to the photos, the unicycles are hanging between the beams in the ceiling. Imagine that you’re laying on your back on the floor and looking up at the ceiling in his basement. That’s where the unicycles are. One might think, at first, that they are hanging on a wall. Nope. They’re hanging from the ceiling.

mine have to fit above the van in the garage, it’s a little bit of a pain to remove them tho.


I have two unicycles sitting in the shower, one sitting against the pool table, and three that are usually either in the boot of the car or under the stairs. :slight_smile: I’m now the proud owner of six unicycles, plus I have someone else’s lying around here somewhere. And only in two years of unicycling…no wondering I’m left with no money! I’m hoping to have a two wheeler made in the next month or two and my seated hand-driven unicycle built this year some time. You can never have too many unicycles.


They seem to like it, although if you leave off two supports, they do hang vertically, as seen in <;. This chafes the seat side, which wouldn’t be good for more than a few seconds, although I could run the rope out the back and over the back bumper, which would tilt the unicycle at a slight forward angle.

This height works for my daughter who is now about 5 feet tall, but higher ceilings or shorter unicyclists might need a slightly more complicated setup.
I think the solution would be to arrange the string to pull the unicycle up into position. First one for the seat, then the two for the tire (connected as a loop through two eye hooks, and extended with a single rope along the ceiling and off to the side of the storage area). This would also provide maximum headroom, as you could pull them up as close as possible to the ceiling. This would be a big help for Cokers as well. My first attempt to put the Coker up was a little awkward, but the second attempt worked great.

Like so:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

This is an old picture, I now have a 12" unicycle as well.

garage unicycles.jpg