How well do Gazz's wear?

I’m just a little worried because I use my muni for muni, riding on footpaths, trials, and freestyle. How well do Gazz’s wear when used pretty often on concrete? I am being careful not to spin sharply when on concrete, but I don’t want to have to get another one shipped in from America because it’s so expensive.

How long can I expect my Gazz to last?


Re: How well do Gazz’s wear?

A year, likely more. It depends on how much riding you do on pavement or concrete. Being conscious of your riding on pavement so you don’t scuff the tire as you turn will help a lot.

You’ll also need to rotate the tire regularly so it gets even wear.

My 24x3 Gazz is about a year old and it still has plenty of tread. I’ll probably get two years use out of it. But my Gazz does spend more time on the dirt than on pavement. I’m going to assume that you’re going to put more riding time on your Gazz over the year than I do since you’re a student and have oodles of free time. :slight_smile:

I would suggest getting a spare Gazz when you get a chance to go in on an order with someone else. It’s good to have a spare because we really don’t know if/when Nokian will finally decide to stop making the 3" Gazz. We already had one scare where we thought Nokain had discontinued the tire.

I’ve had my Gazz on for almost a year (the 26X2.6- I don’t know how it compares to the 24x3). It’s pretty worn but I ride it everyhere. It seems to be working very well even though I’ve almost got it down to a semi-slick tyre. In fact, I’m liking it more and more with less and less tread. There seems to be more surface area in contact with the ground, hence better traction. And because it’s such a big bald tyre it seems to work OK even in wet conditions although it’s been pretty hot and dry lately.

It’s a major hassle trying to change the tyre on the Gazz- you need industrial tyre levers and gorilla fingers to get it off some of the DH rims around.


Thanks John and Ken,

Ken, I know exactly what you mean with putting on and removing Gazz’s. I found when I was putting mine on that it doesn’t help if you’ve got a sore thumb. I think I will get a spare Gazz soon…just in case. I think I’m able to get the Intense 24" x 3" tyre but it’s just not as big and not as flat as the Gazz.


I replaced my 24 x 3 Gazz a few weeks ago after a little over a year of riding. I ride an average of 6 hours a week, about 95% dirt and rocks with lots of climbing and downhills. It still had a little knob left, but I was beginning to spin out on climbs. The new tire feels much grippier, especially in the wet conditions we have been having. I do ride a little on pavement, and work on my freestyle occasionally, but I can hear those knobs grinding away when I do so I keep the spin moves and sharp turns to a minimum unless I am on dirt.

Scott Wallis