How true does your MUni wheel have to be?

Does the wheel actually ‘need’ to clear the frame?

This was from jumping off (practicing roll offs) a picnic table…I’ve done hundreds of drops of this height, so my first thought is poorly tensioned spokes…seein as I can’t remember the last tiem I even checked them :frowning:

Luckily, this is 2 days before my black and yellow Bedford comes in :slight_smile:

So as it stands…I’m currently sitting at one ridable uni…how do I live ?!?


Wow! Were you side hopping?

no, i was rolling off in a straight line.

The rim was ridiculously skinny for the 2.4 tire I have on it, and for what I’ve been throwing at it all along.

I’m actually suprised it held up as long as it did. It’s going into tit’s 3rd season of giving it more than it was rated for to begin with

Re: How true does your MUni wheel have to be?

On top of that uni, of course!

On the bright side, that wheel damage will get you one extra point on the Unicycle Fanatic Test :slight_smile:

Time to replace that 26" wheel with a 24x3. The 24’s with a DH rim are less likely to taco on you.

Hey John, I’ll have my 24x3 on Sunday :slight_smile:

I’ll be replacing the wheel with a 29", although I’d never ride it because I have a Coker…why a 29 then? Beats a 26 if I already have a 24, I suppose

Edit: I spelled ‘John’ wrong :frowning:

What hub are you using on the taco’d wheel?

Another bright side is you now have the start to make one of these cool folding chairs.

that’s an awesome chair!

This is the stock, non Suzue, typical crappy square tapered hub…STILL showing no signs of me needing to ‘sell out’ to Profile!