How tough are you on your unicycle?

Browsing around this forum I see many people who complain about the strength of high quality gear and how it does not last very long. So my question to you, is how rough are you on your unicycle? I myself don’t usually do huge drops, and don’t overextend myself if I believe it will put my unicycle in peril. This reason is mainly a money reason, not because I don’t like to push myself.

delete this thread please.

I ride 'em hard. They are always breaking but i luckily have enough cash to fix it. I am just now starting to run out of money from my birthday back in December.

only thing i’ve broken on my uni is a tire and 2 spokes…:smiley:

a tire? thats the one thing i have not managed to break.

how did you break a tyre? I’ve worn one out… wait 3… but to break one? I guess the bead could go. but that’s unlucky.

The only real damage I do is to my wallet.

shaving grams…one dollar at a time…