How tough are you on your unicycle?

I’m getting my Dad to pick them up from UDC along with some nipples and the chick magnent shirt. Doyou guys think 10 nipples and 10 spokes will be enough?

I’m a big softy, all I’ve broken are the peddals, but there is still time…

once you’ve gone through 10 spokes if your rim is still good, then you have a lot of luck :wink:

Ive broken 20 spokes 5pairs of pedals one crank a frame 3 seats 6seatposts

I don’t worry about breaking my unicycles, mostly because I’m not good enough to do anything that I can break them on lol. I just want to get better at riding and I’ll look for ways to push my limits. So far all my repairs have been rather cheap, a couple replacement pedals and a new wheel for my torker cx after I snapped the axle, about $70 total through UDC. Sounds a little backwards from common sense, but I ride my better unicycles harder because they can take more, and when they do break I have a cheaper one to fall back on till I can repair my other one.

I have broken a axel and have some rips in my seat cover and once and while do a 4 - 6 foot drop so im not that rough on mine and try not to be :slight_smile:

I just bent my MUni frame riding up a very steep hill:p
Now fat tires won’t fit without bending it back.

I thought the Nimbus II would at least hold up if I didn’t take it off any drops…:frowning:


what the hell dude that game is nothing but bad news

and- unlucky with the frame thingy lets see a pic

I fixed the problem by shimming up one of the bearing holders with about 4 layers of inner tube rubber.

I’ve mostly given up on it as a MUni, though. It has a road tire and short cranks now.