How to UW -- advice needed

I forgot some of the suggestions ppl gave a few months ago. I just got my
UW and have mastered it to the point of going 1 1/2 revs (whoo hoo!). But
the problem I have encountered more than the balance itself is the
friction. I wear jeans (so far, they seem better than Roach pads bc the
pads rotate and are too grabby). Didn’t someone mention sth about reducing
the friction of the tire, too? And is there anything better than a pair of
jeans? Incidentally, mine is a Semcycle 6-‘spoke’ variety with a 24" wheel
and a fairly regular tire.


David Stone

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1: 30 start time after 11/1/01

i find jeans to work the best for protection on your legs. i heard that silocon spray-on lube helps if you spray the side of the tire.

1 1/2 revs is pretty good. it sounds like youre most of the way there. my advice to you is keep up your speed. it should seem like youre going way too fast. fast is easier than slow. keep it up.