How to use unicycling to fight childhood obesity

I have 5, 2yr olds in my daycare center who I’m training and making great progress with. Their parents are loving it! This is going to be interesting :astonished:

Zig and Collin fight for the uni.jpg

Awesome! Have you tried riding the little Unicycle? I know I would have!

How adorable. That’s gotta be the youngest person I’ve seen with a unicycle. I didn’t even learn how to ride a bike until I was 5 or 6. They’re off to a good start then :slight_smile:

That’s very cool. What does the “great progress” consist of?

the kid in the background making the weird face.

I wouldn’t say that kids those kids had weight related problems, I wouldn’t worry about obesity.

Is that a cut down Sun 12"? That’s how I went about making a uni for my toddler. I gave it to her last December for Christmas, although only this last week did I discover her feet could finally reach the pedals! She’s a little over 2.5 years now.

I consider great progress to be her a) wanting to sit on it with my help, and b) putting her feet on the pedals and moving or even pushing while I push her along.

I’ll post a picture or two from home since my work’s firewall seems to block my cache of online photos :frowning:


For example:
My son Ziggy(27mo) started by holding my right hand (w/his right hand) while I held the saddle with my left (being on his right side). He had all the problems you would expect from a 27 month old trying to keeping his feet on the pedals during a full rotation. His weight would be 100% on my left hand holding the saddle.
After a group of 15-20 minute training sessions, the weight has slowly decrease on my hand and I have begun to train him to realize the top of the wheel and the pressure needed to stay there.
He is now riding both hands extended while I just hold the seat with a reduced amount of his weight.
I’m not exactly sure if it will be weeks or a few months but, I will have at least one of them riding before they turn 3.
I have a perfect record in my trainings. Out of dozens of people 5-63 years old, non have stopped before learning to ride. All learning within 5 hours.

For people 4yrs and older I have my patent pending Uni-Trainer to help reduce the learning curve.

That certainly gives some notion about how to proceed now that we’ve established the basics of sitting on the uni :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about cutting down a 12" to allow shorter and younger riders to learn, maybe one day when I have another 12" I will do it (I’ve only got 2).

What’s a Uni-Trainer?

This is in reference to the topic.

In Singapore schools, there’s a program that identifies kids who’re above average weight and makes them take up additional fitness classes. A few friends and I were engaged for a period of time to teach unicycling to them at this particular school.

We’ve never had before and after weights so we aren’t sure what the effect is but I will say that unicycling’s probably more interesting than say running loops round the field.

You fight obesity before it occurs, by instilling good habits, a healthy lifestyle…or so I believe.

Stop by and click on the Uni-Trainer link.

Cutting down a 12" allowed me to get 5, 2yr olds to reach the pedals.

Have fun on ONE!!!

This from last Summer. At this point we were still just getting used to the unicycle. Now that her feet can reach the pedals and she likes to “ride” on it I think I can start moving toward the idea of balance. She also likes to show us how she can stand on one foot, so there’s already an idea of balance there to work from.