How to use two piece Torker Unicycle Stand

I found an old message thread where someone else was also confused
about how the stand works. There were a couple of pictures, which really
helped me out, but once I did finally get it all figured out, I realized
that a video would really help, so I made one.

It’s also my first unicycle trick! (other than falling off the dang thing) :roll_eyes:

It’s actually my Son’s unicycle… I don’t have one yet.

hahahahahahaha +1

It took me forever to figure those damn things out.

Yeah, I was a bit confused about that stand.

So, does the video make it clear?

I should take some pictures too. I have a coupl of pics of Drew’s
first time on his unicycle that I need to download from the camera too.

hmm… i pop the bearing holder in it’s holster and swing the frame into place…

nice, the hidden ingredient is the foot on the damn thing. somehow i have 6 or 7 of those.?

I’ll have to try that method. It might be better.
I think I did try that w/o success, but will revisit the idea now
that I know what the final “installed” position looks like.

I also pinched the oval tube on the base which the vertical part of the stand
slides into so that it was a press fit and doesn’t slide out so easily.
(It takes a vise, pair of vise-grips or a hammer to do it)
You could also put a hole in the tube and a set screw - do it near
the very bottom where the loop of the vertical part goes across the bottom.

Yeah, a lot of analysis for a simple stand.
As I say -
I’m not like this because I’m an engineer… I’m an engineer because I’m like this.

Note the proper placement of the right foot. :roll_eyes:

Doesn’t it always go under the tire? :astonished:
I’m just surprised no one has admired my shoes yet.