how to upload to vimeo

Hi when ever i try and upload my video to my vimeo account it says it can’t upload because the file i selected is to small. is there anyway i can get around this. the video is 1.36 minutes long roughly…
oh and i made it with windows live movie maker if that has anything to do with it…

The best way is to go here. :smiley:

It’s probably because you didn’t save it the good way on Movie maker. Everyone did this mistake for the french project I had to do a little while ago:p

Anyway, when you save your video, you need to click on “Save Movie file” and not all the other ones. It should work, it’s what I do all the time.

For further, useful information I recommend you aim Vimeo/Windows Movie Maker questions at Vimeo/WMM experts and not I would start with Google and general queries like “upload from Windows Movie Maker to Vimeo”.

I agree.

Also try rendering in a different format but what the others have said is good advice.

It’s pitiful how you guys have to waste your valuable time answering these dumb questions.

  1. We don’t HAVE too but we can choose too.
  2. No dramas, it’s just one small question and by answering it with a post that takes about 30 seconds is not that much of my time. It’s school holidays here and I am not doing much.
  3. The person asking the question has been helped and continues on with life happily.

I’m sorry, but that was sarchasm. My point was that some people feel they must scold others for asking questions on a public forum. It takes more of one’s time to advise others to search the forum or research their question elsewhere online than it would to merely just ignore it and move on. I think some people enjoy being condescending - it helps their own low self esteem. Remember - there’s no such thing as a dumb question…but a-holes are everywhere.

Ironic, no? That you come in here and accuse other people of being condescending in a harshly judgmental way? Especially when you don’t seem to grasp the concept of what’s going on here…

Being that you’re new here, let me give you a little insight as to why we do this.

The is not run like most online forums. There are but a select few who have administrative privileges here, and they only use them to remove spam / advertisements from the forum. When it comes to maintaining the content and quality of this forum, it is left up to the forum’s members.

What you’re seeing is someone who cares enough about the quality of this forum to spend some time helping out a new member, to ensure said member doesn’t start flooding the forum with off-topic threads. What you’re not seeing is someone here just for kicks. If that were all we were here for, we’d just call the person lame, sad, depressed, whatever and be done with it. Instead, we offer helpful advice… something you could stand to try instead of sitting in the back of the room and throwing spitballs.

Are we clear now, or are you going to hurl some insults my way?

we are clear … sorry, I didn’t realize some unicyclists were so touchy…my sister gets like that once a month. I do feel that it is wrong for some members, just because they have 10,000 posts, to play “God of the Forum” and pass judgement on members with fewer posts - as you have just done with me. I guess we’re in the middle of a pissing contest - your turn.


This was a forum “senior” helping a forum “junior” until you showed up.

Have you read your posts here? The only thing you’ve contributed to this thread is vitriol. There’s already more than enough in the world today, please don’t bring any more here.