How to upgrade your own pedals

I have a Torker CX with factory plastic pedals that didn’t grip well when dirty and muddle going off road.

So I took an idea I saw on expensive upgraded pedals, and added my own adjustable grip studs to my plastic pedals.

I went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of stainless steel set screws about 1/2" long. Drilled holes into my pedals so the set screws were tight to screw in, and now my pedals have awesome grip that I can adjust and screw all the way in to make them flush, or unscrew them to bring them out and add grip.

Original pedal

Pedal with 6 holes drilled to install stainless set screws for grip.

It’s a quick and easy way to turn cheap plastic pedals the slip into shin gouging screw stud embedded pedals that grip. And costs less than $5

That’s a great idea.
Keep us updated on how it goes over time. That’s something I may well have to try myself.

That’s a great idea! Simple, clean, easy to install, reversable, inexpensive. I may try this with my plastic pedals which have lost their pins due to wear.

Yea, I had seen that type of adjustable grip on aftermarket pegs, then had the idea that it could work in my pegs if I just drilled some holes… You just have to make them smaller than the threads so it’s a tight fit.

The difference in pedal traction is night and day, with the set screws out like shown in the pictures, they just grip into the bottom of your shoe.

Well done!
(I had the same idea myself; very nice to see it realized.)

Great post.

Plastic pedals with steel pins are the best combination in my opinion. I use Nukeproof Electron pedals on a few of my unicycles and love them.

Your pedals are cheaper and would hold on to their pins better and are more adjustable. Two thumbs up! :smiley:

Thanks… I haven’t done hard enough riding to really abuse the pedals, so I think they will last me a long time like this. And if they ever do break, I’ll swap in another pair of cheap plastic pedals and transfer the screws over.

I like that, for my winter uni a 20 with a studded tire just got some pedals like that :slight_smile:

I actually just replaced the skinny screws on my Deity (same as Nukeproof) pedals with fatter set screws, pretty much as was done in this thread, because the stock screws tear up my shoes so much. 4mm set screws screwed in nice and tight, we’ll see how they last.

Hmm… I may try this on some torker lx pedals that are laying around. It sounds like a great idea, and I already hate the lx pedals, so at least it won’t get worse.

All winter i ran deity compounds and since it is now dry i can run my JCPC