how to unicycle books are kind of stupid

I guess when I initially considered writing a book, my initial reaction was that it was a pretty archaic medium compared to doing a DVD about a highly visual sport. Also, the convention over the last couple of years has certainly been to film unicycling, not write about it.

However, after thinking about it a bit more I’m starting to reconsider, because there is a lot you can put on paper that will be relevant forever, and not become obsolete as fast as techniques described on DVD.

However, I’m not sure that a combo DVD/book would work though due to cost- I bet you’d end up with a $50+ instructional book that few people would actually buy.


I would, if that means anything to anybody.

Yes, I’d buy either one. I think that in the case of unicycling, I find video footage explaining techniques along with detailed explanations (narrated) and maybe diagrams the most helpful. I remember that being able to see the relationship between the movement of the uni and your body in Into The Thunder Dragon really helped me realise what I was doing wrong with rail riding and stillstands. I think diagrams are very powerful because they can leave out the unneccessary info like the background and focus your attension on the important stuff. I think a DVD with video footage and diagrams would be perfect. Plus DVD’s give you the option of easily skipping to a chapter that covers something you want to work on. Another thing that I know I’d benefit from would be a narrated clip of the wrong technique. Maybe a split-screen sort of thing would be helpful with bad technique on one side and good technique on the other.

How can you go into much more detail about techniques in book format?

Thanks, I’m looking forward to buying my copy.


Edit - My post is a bit outdated because I wrote it before reading Kris’ last one. Most of it still applies though.

Why not just an instructional DVD?

Who buys books anymore?

I think the student would get tons more info from a DVD filled with your behind the scenes stuff like ITTD

I think it would be cheaper to produce and be on the market alot quicker…it also might make it to Bike stores (helping the sport grow) where a book wouldn’t.

That’s exactly what I thought until I started scripting out the DVD- I didn’t even consider a book.

Now I’ve got 50 double spaced pages of text and counting, and a lot of techniques info that could in many ways be better explained with text and multiple-sequence photos than it could with a DVD.

A book without photos would be lame, but multiple-sequence shots plus text could work really well.

Plus, the history of mountain and trials unicycling deserves to be written down at some point. I think this would make for a great chapter iin a how-to book.


Different people learn in different ways.

In print, a people can read about how a certain technique should feel and other details that may not be obvious from a video. Also, a book lets people digest information at their own pace where a video generally throws information at them more quickly.

Video, however, ties it all together. Watching someone do something is more likely to create a “ah-ha!” moment than just reading about it.

A Book\DVD combination however, would be like a one-two punch. Can I get that in “coffee table book” format too? :wink:

I’d buy it either way.

Sounds good to me, could you please include a chapter on 2 wheelers before I throw this damn thing off the balcony? :wink:

Kris, on the subject of a video, I’d like to say that I learnt heaps from watching some videos of you running trials workshops somewhere in the states (at a unicon perhaps). I forget where i downloaded them from, there were about 6 in total and featured you explaining various techniques for trials.
They were good because you explained the idea behind the actions quite well and then showed various ways of doing it.
I also liked the various shots of people biffing. gotta love slapstick.

Sorry I dont know where they are online - someone here may be able to help?

An instructional DVD would be a first for unicycling, right? Most other sports based on tricks and skills seem to have a plethora of vids and dvds on the subjects…i do a lot of freestyle kayaking and the amount of ‘how to’ vids is growing steadily.

I dont know if id buy an instructional dvd for unicycling (part of the challenge is working moves/techniques out myself, without outside help) as I get most enjoyment from the fact I am doing things myself, without other people helping me. Sure, it might have taken me twice as long to learn my crank grind or reverse foot in front mount, but hey, i think i get more satisfaction from it.

I’m sure a instructional dvd would sell very well though.

Not if you count Rough Terrain Unicycling by George Peck. It was originally released on VHS, but was rereleased on DVD as an extra feature.

That being said, as much as I enjoy George Peck, it is time for something new. Some people like to work things out. Others like to see it done and copy what they see, and others are innovators. I will leave it to the innovators to make a DVD so I can learn how to copy them.:smiley:

Kris, as for the combo… Do it seperately and as a combo. If the book is $20, and the DVD is $20 then together you could have a combo deal for $50. Make it some how a little different as a incentive to get the combo. I’d buy it, of course I will buy just about anything. I am probably the only one that has 2 copies of Jack Wiley’s book “the Unicycle Book” It was just too good a deal to pass up. If you try to buy it online at any of the antique or used book sites it is consistantly $100. I paid almost $25 with shipping. That is for a 30 year old out of date book! Imagine if you had something fresh and new!!!

I would love a how-to book or DVD. As far as I know, the only how-to books for unicycles didn’t include a thing on Mountain Unicycling or Trials.

Umm… Why would you buy the combo for fifty dollars, instead of the book for $20 and the DVD for $20?

Because as I suggested, the combo would have all kinds of special stuff the 2 seperately wouldn’t have. As I mentioned earlier. It’s called marketing. I am sure they do similiar stuff with Harry Potter books.

much as i like the idea of the book and accompanying DVD available seperately, i doubt if the volume of projected sales would justify the expense of creating the DVD

some of the ideas expressed in this thread have been stunning
i love the idea of the split-screen shots comparing the ‘right’ way to the ‘wrong’ way

i would definately buy the book (and the DVD, should that happen. after buying UNiVERSe 2, i’m actually thinking about buying a DVD-player…;))
and if the book turns out to be a lil’ bit of everything, ie. a major how-to muni/trails guide, a history of non-freestyle unicycling and a coffee tabley kinda book, i think it will do really well

what kind of format are u thinking of for the book kris?
‘coffee-tabley’ (to coin a phrase) or ringbound with laminated or plastic pages so u can take it out on the trials without getting worried about it getting messed up?

yeah, I think I would like to buy a how to offroad unicycle book or dvd. Even though the first part of my thread was saying “how to”
unicycle books are stupid. Haha I think I’ve changed my mind.

yeah, most how to books just give you the basics and otherwise dont help much.there arnt very many(that i know of)for those who are past learning how to ride.