How to Uni/MUni/Trial Video

Is there an instructional video out there for MUni/Trials and so on. I just know plenty of such videos for whitewater kayaking and I tough that it would be great to have such a video for MUnicycling

Maybe it would be interessting for Kris or Dan or someone else to producing such a video …


Hi mux,
Check mine and Andrew Carters website:
It has some great video tutorials on all sorts of skills along with some written tips. There is heaps of stuff there and more coming all the time. Take a look and you might find what your after.
Hope I helped

Peter and Andrew’s site is great for improving a wide variety of skills in different areas of unicycling- it has detailed walkthroughs and fantastic vids: highly recommended!

If you havnt seen it yet
In the bonus section on the universe 2 dvd there a rough terrain unicycling guide.

All other footage is realy awsome. Get it!


I already watched the roughTerrain on U2 and it is really awesome - I just tough that it would be great to have something exactly like this video but presented in a modern way.

and thx for the URL - I will watch them all :slight_smile: