how to turn a auto reverse brake hub into a fixed hub

I know that this Is a bike question, but to my defense I am turning the bike into a giraffe unicycle. I am trying to turn my auto reverse hub (from my BMX) into a fixed hub so I can put it on the giraffe unicycle I am making. any help, links, pictures, or videos would be greatly appreciated.

                        Mykal Noah

Take the coaster brake parts out. Weld the driver to the hub shell. Put it back together, and adjust like a normal hub.

You should be able to use any three splined coaster brake sprocket if you do it right.

I am planning the same thing (winter project). What I was planning was to weld the cog onto the hub. On the wheel I am using there is a band attached to the cog that runs fairly tight to the body of the hub, it is like a dust cap. I’m hoping that if clean it up a weld all the way around will be strong enough.

That is a dust cap. Pop the circlip that retains the cog, remove the cog and the dust cap, and weld. If you do a fair job you may be able to use the dust cap when you’re done. If not you may need a thin shim to prevent play in the cog.

Just to clarify a bit. The dust cap is a very thin sheet metal piece that is not attached to anything. You don’t want to weld that to the hub shell in the hopes that it might “fix” your problem. It would be a weak connection even if you welded the cog to the dust cap. Also, why would you want to lose the ability to swap cogs and change your gear? As near as I can tell the snap ring attachment of a coaster brake cog may be the best solution for a giraffe.