How to tuck SI

Does anyone know of any videos or can explain how to tuck SI for me? I searched and didn’t find anything.

fail topic.
But yeah, you could lower your seat a lot i suppose, people get really high doing that
but its probably best to just learn SIF.

I know i could learn sif but I want to get higher than 30 cm before I learn sif.

Wrong and wrong.

SI should be learned before SIF. SI is your foundation for SIF.

SI isn’t a “tuck” like SIF, but a “pike” with your legs straight. If you can’t touch your toes, you will suck at seat in. You need to be like a hinge at the hips between your legs and your upper body.

Sit down in a pike. Reach for your toes and try to get your head to your knees. If you look at any rolling or SI sidehop, this is type of position they are in to increase height.

If you are flexible but still have a low SI hop, work on technique and strength in the core, quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles, etc.

You cannot tuck much when you sidehop seat in… that why people sidehop seat out.

EDIT: You can tuck alot seat in while doing rolling hops, just fold in 2, the unicycle in front of you. You can try that while sidehopping, but you cannot ‘fold’ as far as when you do a roll hop.

EDIT 2: Oops, Danni was faster than me

So that’s why I suck at seat in!:stuck_out_tongue:
Hugo Duguay made a tutorial for rolling hops, it might help if it’s what your trying to learn. It should be somewhere in the video section of the forum, it’s pretty old though.

Here it is :


I just found your other thread in the vid section. Thanks. I think I will help me learn to “tuck” si.

I learnt SI first, but found i hit a barrier only because i was using SI and not lowering my seat.
I was at 65cm SI just before i broke my leg, when i started riding again i decided i’d purely practise SIF static for a while to learn the technique, im now at the same height i was SI with a prehop
While SI is good, i dont think it particularly helps SIF (in which the limits are evidently a large amount higher than SI), therefore the only reason to use SI at the start is to progress quicker in the beginning. so if aiming to learn to go high, practise SIF
that was my reasoning behind my previous post, however with rolling hops i wholeheartedly agree, i was strictly speaking of sidehops
In answer to the 30cm, just practise for a bit, you can bounce up 30 with very little trouble :slight_smile:
sorry for my rather thoughtless post

SI helps immensely with SIF. It gets your timing right, your prehop figured out, how to distribute force equally between your pedals, and is needed to learn rolling moves. Starting SIF sub 30cm is shooting yourself in the foot for progression in the long run. Sure you will be able to tuck all out, but you won’t have any actual jump.

Lowering your seat will help to a certain extent, but there comes a point when it will actually be harmful for your progression. You should have a straight back before take-off. If you are all hunched over, you will be able to tuck easier. Just wait until you will reach a plateau in your learning curve. You will try and try and only end up hurting yourself because you have poor technique. Any jump expert from other sports will tell you that you need a rigid body before executing a jump. If you are hunched and crunched to your low saddle (exaggeration), you won’t nearly go as high. Likewise, having a seat too high will make tucking more difficult, so you need to find your own seat height, not your favorite rider’s seat height.

/end rant

ahh, i cant post anything right.
I can say i meant more with the SIF tuck here, but yeah, theres probably some reason i dont know about there aswell. :frowning: