how to take a 26er muni to plane?

anyone tried it before?

is it safe to put the muni into a bag then check in? will it be crushed by piles of other luggage?

if bag doesn’t work, is there luggage box big enough for 26er? how much it will be charged when checking in?


Here’s some good info on packing.

You should check with your airline on what they allow and if they’ll charge you. I’ve flown with mine on Alaska and they charge the regular fee if it’s within certain dimensions. I put my 24" wheel in a box that’s in a bag with no problems. I hesitate to just put a uni in a bag but people have done that successfully.

There’s lots of really good posts about this topic.

The info posted by Vertigo is excellent. I made a nylon bag as described there with the cardboard on each side and it has worked well. I have taken my 24" muni on Delta and United with no problems. I put my wrenches and air pump in the bag with the muni (no tools allowed in carry on) and the seat in my carry on. Both times I flew the TSA guys on the x-ray machine were curious about the seat in my carry on, but had not problem with it.

The 24" muni is honestly less that the limits on an oversized bag, but none of the ticketing people I’ve dealt with measured and a 26" muni is only very slightly bigger. I doubt if you would ever get hit up for more than the normal $25 check bag fee.

Buyer Beware

It probably depends on the gate clerk how much you are going to pay.

My first trip I was charged the standard $35 for the second bag; in both directions.

My second and last trip I had to pay a $150 bike fee ONE WAY. I sent it back home FedEX GROUND.

The FedEX trip beat the crap out of the unit. The 3 legs of the airlines did much less damage to the bag than the on FedEX trip.

I used the bag from UDC.

It will hold the 29er fine but I had to remove the seat and pedals. I tossed my shoes and a small bag of tools in there too. No complaints on the bag…

But I am definitely wary to try to carry a unicycle on an airplane again.

I know others have suggested to say it is one wheel of a wheel chair, but that’s not my style.

When I’ve been asked by Alaska Air agents what’s in my bag I’ve said it’s a unicycle. I still didn’t have to pay an additional fee.

I’ve got two 26ers: an old Pashley and a new Nimbus Oracle and I’ve been thinking about how to take them with me as checked baggage.

First, a few facts/measurements:

  • Delta airlines maximum standard bag: length + width + height <= 62"
  • OD for big 26" muni wheel w/inflated tire (Nimbus Oracle) = 27"
  • OD for smaller 26" muni w/tire removed (Pashley) = 22"
  • Length of fork is approximately 23" (on the pashley)
So, to put the fully inflated nimbus in a square box, the box would need to be about 27.5" on each side (assuming 1/4" for cardboard and cover on each side), and about 5" less for the Pashley with the tire removed. In either case, the fork would need to be removed to fit it in a box. For the Pashley the length+height would be about 45" leaving a generous 17" for thickness: plenty, I would think to layer in the fork (with some padding), the saddle, and maybe even my helmet and pads. The inflated Nimbus, on the other hand, would only allow for 7" of thickness almost exactly the actual width of the hub plus cranks, and probably not enough to stack the fork on the wheel. So, the bottom line is that you should be able to pack a 26" uni into a square cardboard box (I'm thinking about getting a shipping box from a local bike shop and cutting it down) that you can check in as a standard bag. Some disassembly will be needed (remove fork, pedals, maybe the tire). For me, the old Pashley without the brake looks like an easier/better choice to use as a travel uni.


I built my uni-bag on this furniture bag bought from an outdoors shop.

It is a simple canvas bag with a big zip extending around three sides.

You could use a cardboard box like Vertigo but I used thin plywood as the side protection to make it extra strong.

These sheets were covered both sides with a layer of foam from some old exercise mats held in place by duct tape. I also incorporated the frame from an old suitcase along with the wheels.

The whole thing was lined with a large suit bag turned inside out. The straps and buckles from the suitcase are used to hold the sheets together Inside the bag.

It is big enough for my 24 inch with the seat removed but it was built to fit it and the suit bag lining is the limit. I think the furniture bag itself could hold a 26 in muni.

I just checked in at the Christchurch airport flying to Nepal with a disassembled 26 stuffed in my duffle bag with the rest of my stuff no problems.