how to strip a frame??

Or listen to LaserLipo.

Never seen that in fine wet/dry grit. Would be fine for getting the paint off.

Strip it with whatever, even sanding it with a sanding wheel, then work your way through the grits. Take your time. I went all the way to 1200, and then with mothers rim polish. I can brush my teeth in it now.

I’d like to strip my frame and seat post and i kinda know what to do but I dont want to mess up my uni so i have a couple questions.

How can i give it a shiny finish?
My seatpost is a tryall and it feels powdercoated whereas my k1 devil frame feels painted… will nitromors work on both?
After i put the paint stripper on it do i like peel the paint off or rub it or what?
How many layers of clear coat should i use?

sry for my noobish questions:o

When it comes time to do the fine sanding, one would use either a sponge wheel (up to 1500 grit) or, even better, a cloth polishing wheel with buffing compound.

Rotary tools make quick work of manual tasks such as sanding and polishing. You’ll kick yourself for wasting time doing it any other way, once you try a rotary wheel.

Just don’t run the wheel too fast. It’ll last a lot longer when it’s run at the proper speed.

Don’t use paint stripper. I haven’t had ANY luck with it what so ever.

Just get some sandpaper, and start strippin’. If I remember correctly I think I used 80 for taking the paint off, and then like 200 for making it a little nicer, and then steel wool to make 'er shine. :wink:

It’s a lot of work though … in total, I probably spent like 6-8 hrs to make it just the way I want it.

I would have loved to get someone to sandblast it or something though.


I don’t really have access to all that, and don’t care to much to use the money. I did mine all manually, only part I used a tool for was the knurling. It doesn’t take all that long, and the results can be very great anyway.

I tried the cloth polishing disc like that, was garbage for me. Doesn’t seem like drills can get the speed you need to really get it to work, even tried it with the rim polish. Then again I got mine from home depot, a rag with alu. rim polish worked better, faster, easier and cheaper.

If you have the right stuff it would probably be wonderful, and you could get it to a pure mirror finish, but if you don’t within a few hours you can have it set up and ready to go looking better than most stripped kh’s.

I wouldn’t recommend using polishing wheels for drills, seriously a piece of shit. If your want it that bad, get an actual polishing wheel, they have them for 50$ or so, for the cheap ones, looks just like one of the dual wheel grinders, not sure of the proper name.

When wheather permits I’m going to clear coat my frame/rim and put some turtle wax on it. I’ll be sure to post some pictures when I get it done.