how to strip a frame??

I’ve seen alot of you guys have a stripped KH frame, and I think it looks super-rad, and would like to have a stripped frame too… my Question is now how have you done it and is there any free methods to do it… can I use a wire-wheel or would sandpaper be better…? :thinking:

Use paintremover and some sandpaper
Use a soft polish wheel to give it a nice smooth feel and shiny look
Or just leave it sanded for a raw alu look

how much does a paintremover cost??

I used some citrus bases remover from my local hardware store. Cost something like 10$ for a who bit, I’ve done two frames and have a lot left. Just put it on, leave it and come back a day later or so and just scrape it off. Comes off super easy. No fumes! Not sure if you’ll have that over there, I’m in the US.

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I used Nitromors when I stripped my Qu-Ax frame, and a bmx frame, awesome stuff, works a treat.

If you have a tech center at your school you could take it to a metal shop class and have them sand blast it. Im going to have mine sandblasted when school starts again.

Has anyone tried sand blasting a KH frame? I want to know how to strip it and get it nice and shiny.

if you sandblast it, it will be dull. then take 1000 grit sand paper and then buff it you got shiny then.

Alright, I’ll have to try.

could someone post a picture? ive never seen one striped but it sounds cool

heres one!

Get double 00 and 0000 steel wool. Rub it like hell for a long ass time. Once you get no where get mag rim polish for alu rims. Rub long, Rub hard and keep going.

do you mean this stuff

Yup, that’ll be the stuff, container is a tad different to the one I have about. Works better if the weather is warm, you paint it on, and you can see the paint blistering seconds later. Oh, and don’t get it on skin, it burns, lol.

ok thanks… I think I will go buy sometime in the coming week… I’m pretty sure I know a shop near me that have it on stock…

If I got surly that could be quite the conundrum :stuck_out_tongue:

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i hear that oven cleaner works too :slight_smile:

Oven cleaner is for anodizing, I don’t know about paint, even if it worked I would not use it. It makes the surface really ugly, and takes some sanding. Paint remover is easy to get.

Using sandpaper on a frame is like trying to paint your house with fingernail polish… tedious. Use a rotary tool (such as a drill) with a sanding wheel instead.