How to spend $500ish (US) on uni(s)...

I’ve been riding for 5 months on my 24" Torker LX, and I’m ready for an upgrade. I want a real MUni, but I’d also like something that can take the abuse of light trials and freestyle stuff on the street. At first I thought I’d just buy a 24" KH MUni and use it for both, but then I noticed that for about the same price I could get a 24" Qu-ax MUni and a 20" Torker DX for the street. Which would you opt to buy? Are there other options (within my budget) that I should consider? Do any owners of the Qu-ax or Torker DX have any advice for my intended uses?


if you are not fluent in obie i will make this easier…BUY A KH MUNI!!

KH all the way
my friend got one it ROCKS!
mine’s on the way from Darren Bedford right now!!!

Alright, aside from religious zeal, why should I buy the KH? I’m sure it’s a great uni, but is it really almost $200 better than a Qu-ax? (Sorry for the uni skepticism… :wink: )

The qu-ax is a great muni for the price that it is. Thats what I have for my muni its really good. It will be able to take light trials stuff but it is a pretty heavy uni. I would suggest getting the qu-ax and then save the rest of your money to get an actual trials uni. If im correct i believe the 20" torker DX is more of a freestyle uni. The KH muni is a really good choice because its a very good uni and its not as heavy as the qu-ax. I hope that I have been helpfull, and others correct me if im wrong on anything that I have said.


Either KH or some combination of Qu-ax and DX’es.

If you go that route, I’d get Qu-ax trials and DX muni, since the quacks has a real trials rim and tire, and both munis have muni ish tires.

I say KH because the new ones are super light and extremley strong! they also come with an extremly strong hub and cranks. I also know that Kris rides with his own stuff which means it has to hold up to his torture. And if you are still sceptic about the KH go for a Bedford uni they are really nice. I also say this because both Kh and Bedford are canadian so I like to support them, dont get me wrong unicycle.con is still good…

Obie has a good point about going for the quax trials and the DX muni. I believe the 2005 DX’s are supposed to be able to fit a 3" wide tire and the frame and cranks are really strong also.

I say get the KH…or a highend Bedford for that matter if you feel that you will eventually need that kinda rig someday. Then save up and get a true trials setup later. That way you know youre not likely to have to upgrade down the road.

It would suck to have a mediocre muni and mediocre trials (if you could call a DX that) and still have to buy a new muni and trials later on when you start pushing the limits of your current equipment.

On the other hand, Those qu-ax unis are really good for the price. I saw them taking a beating and holding up just fine this past weekend at GMTW3. They are heavy though. And the old version of the muni frames would kill the insides of knees and pads that cover that part.

Man this is a toss up.

I still lean towards getting one really nice uni. The only reasons i would support getting 2 lower end unis would be:

  • You dont think youll push the limits of your equipment and a lower end uni would end up suiting you fine
    -You wont have any more money for a long time after this

You got some thinkin’ to do, boy. :smiley: Take it easy.

So these Bedford unicycles, not to start a holy war, but how do they compare, and are there any pictures of them? A price list isn’t much good without knowing what it buys…

After weighing (no pun intended) the Qu-ax against a KH, I’m thinking the one unicycle approach is probably better. So then I’m looking for a 24" MUni that can also do light (meaning no huge drops) trials - my almost 30 year old body is not too eager to jump off of anything much higher than 3 feet, and broken collar bones suck! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I only weigh 140 lbs. wet. So I’m leaning toward the KH24 XC based on the description on KH’s website and his explanation in the XC vs. Freeride thread from a couple days ago.

man you are difficult god! well here is a pic of catboys awsome bedford

and heres kacy the acy’s bedford thats really nice too with brake

get a Coker and a ham sandwich