How to Shoe Goo your Handle!

i made this video the other day on how to fill your handle with shoe goo. this gives it a nice, rubbery grip that is quite nice to hold onto.

let me know what you think, and if you tried it for yourself!


I never tried shoe goo, but I did plasti-dip my handle one time. It was good for about a week then it started to come off onto my hands every ride. 0/10 would not recommend.
Hopefully shoe goo works better.

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I like the idea! How well does it last?

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the shoe goo is holding up great! i have heard of some people using hot glue, but i wonder how well that would hold up. maybe better than the plasti-dip?

i have had it for about a week, and so far it is holding up great. i am not anticipating any problems with it, and i know people who have had it on their unicycles for a year or more without any trouble

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What’s the benifit?

Presumably, better grip. I haven’t really noticed that being a problem, but sometimes little improvements make a difference.

I like how you literally used a stick to apply it. It reminds me of all the times I have painted something with a paper towel or old t-shirt.

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it gives the handle a rubbery grip that feels quite nice in the hand. it is almost like a grip on bike handlebars, rather that the plastic edge of the handle. it also makes it much more grippy which is nice if you like to do tricks, or if you just find the original handle a bit slippy

Ok , I can see that although I really never felt the need for it. I
Must say I’m intrigued and may give it try on my 26er, that is on a spare handle. Thanks for the tip, although my presumption is its real benefit in in trial and technical muni.

give it a try and let us know how it turns out! it may not be your favorite, but i think it feels really nice. worst case scenario, you just buy a new handle for about $5 :stuck_out_tongue:

The irony is i just bought a tube of shoe goo last week on amazon to fix a shoe.

try it out and let us know how you like it!