how to shave efficiently?

I was wondering if anyone has come up with a very efficient way of shaving a trials tire. I am considering shaving my nimbus blizzard for the summer. The last time i shaved a tire i used an exacto-knife to shave off each of the nubs individually (of a maxxis cc) then used sandpaper to take off what was left. then it just came down to riding the rest off. however cutting each one off took a frickin long time, and the sandpaper did almost nothing as it kept ripping…in saying this the blizzard is a hard compound so it would be even more difficult. in saying all that it is just starting to wear down now (nubs are about half way gone on the spot i hop on, and 1/4 gone in all the other areas. should i just leave the tire and rotate it, or should is there an efficient way i can shave?

Why do you want to shave it completely? flatland?i’d say ride it till it wears out which is what most people do

Belt sander…