How to rub logo off a Try-All tyre?

I want to do this to go for a completely black looking tyre. Anyone know how?


Try rubbing it off.

Ha Ha. Amusing response given the OP’s subject, “How to rub logo off a Try-All tyre?”…

Use a rag And some force

Nothing else on the rag.

I tried using light sand paper which just made the logo paint accumulate in a ring around where I was scrubbing.

I’ll try a scotch-brite pad with washing up liquid

use a rag with a little simple green on it

You don’t want to sand it, cuz that will also dig into your tire surface, no matter how careful you are. It might not be a problem, but it will still happen, and you will still see the spot where you sanded it off.

Just sand the whole tire then! Take off any labels / sizing / branding / useless lines etc. Take it off the rim and try it with an electric sander! Half kidding. I have no idea how that would work or destroy your otherwise functional tire.

Use some shoe shine if you dont want to sand the tire.

As coating technology gets more and more advanced, I would try this:
Paint it over with a permanent black marker.

There must be a cheaper version of this somewhere with less sticky rubber:

5.10 rubber paint