How to ride an "Impossible" wheel (link is fixed!)

*edit: sorry guys I decided to re-edit the video because I forgot some footage. The link below is live now.

Compared to fixed-wheel unicycling, riding a BC (Impossible wheel) is a lot more challenging, but also lots of FUN! Even a freewheel uni isn’t as hard to ride, since you still have a frame, saddle, and almost always a brake which allows you to maintain contact with the wheel for more control.

And riding a BC is also a great way to sharpen your balance while adding variety to your usual routine. BC wheels are hard to find but the good news is you can make your own for not a lot of money. Hope you enjoy!


I’m getting video is unavailable.

I clicked on the “Play” arrow in the red circle I drew in the bottom right. I was taken to YouTube. Once I signed in, Terry’s video was in the top of the list. However, I subscribe to the Unigeezer channel, so that may have happened regardless of whether I clicked on the link that took me to YouTube. I hope this helps.

Fun to watch but I think I’ll stick to breaking my bones the old fashion way… . On my unicycle.


Nice! I have wondered a lot about trying one of those, especially since I ride the electric self balancing variety.

Something else I have wondered a lot about is why BC wheels haven’t been made with a frame/guard that wraps around the top of the wheel to prevent tire-leg rubbing as you described in your video.
Mounting would be much easier too I’m sure, because you could press the guard against your shin with the wheel tilted sideways. One mounts an electric unicycle in this way, riding one footed for a short while after pushing off with the other leg, and I see no reason why the same wouldn’t also work with an unpowered one, hmm…
Perhaps something like the pedals on a Lunicycle that extend above the foot plates?

Very relevant remark, strange that no one has really thought about it.
Maybe to keep the minimalist aspect of the wheel ?
Wouldn’t a larger diameter wheel with the lowest possible shims be easier to learn ?

I made a leg guard for my BC several years ago and it worked as intended but turned out to not really be necessary since there’s not a lot of wheel rubbing while riding the BC. What would help is if there was a leg guard that could be made for the Ultimate Wheel where there’s far more contact with the tire. Only way I could think of would be to make something that would attach to the pedals that would come up vertically and keep your legs away from the tire.