How to Ride a Unicycle by Jack Wiley

Hi everyone, I’m just getting into unicycling and was wondering if the
above mentioned book is a worthwhile purchase. if so, what is a reasonable
price to pay? Any opinions are appreciated, as well as recommendations for
other good books on the subject.

Thanks, Art

try looking here
its a really great site


Try going to your local library and reserving it first before you search ebay. I never read the book, because I couldn’t find it.

I ended up buying a copy of Jack Halperns booklet, “Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle”. It will cost you about 15 bucks and is well worth it. You will recieve only a xerox copy of a 32 page booklet. If you have no other resources available to you, then do this. It is really worth it It will definately get you started and help you with some simple tricks. Then you can come here and ask questions to refine your technique.

Also, try doing searches here under the following words: new, newbie, start, free mount, questions, beginner,etc. There is a wealth of info archived in the forums pages. You can also just post questions.

Go to for some short online videos that might help.

Uni man dan’s suggestion for going to is excellent. Try the tips and Getting Started sections. There is plenty to read. has some beginner suggestions at their site. Try is also wobbling . Finally, try the list of links here at YOu will find something there that will help you.

Congratulations on starting unicycling. You will really enjoy the hard work. It will pay off - you will see.

It’s a wonderful sport.

Okay, I am done, now.

Work the maze.:smiley:

Jack Wiley’s book is okay, but not as good as what you can find now on the
web. Jack Halpern’s book is better than what’s on the web.

I’ve found Jack Wiley’s book for a good price at

David Maxfield Bainbridge Island, WA

Thanks for all the advice. I checked all the libraries around me and there
are no unicycle books to be had.