how to reposition on seat while moving?

okay - I can ride over a mile no problem and can freemount with 1-2 tries. My next thing I need to learn is how to reposition on the SEAT after I get going. Most of my freemounts end up with me pinching something or feeling like I’m off center in the saddle.

So, I have seen a number of ways in videos to do this (hopping, standing while pedaling). I weigh 225 and I’m not ready to go the hopping route until I get to about 200lb.

What is the best way to learn to stand and readjust while moving? Should I start out holding onto something and practice riding in a standing (no weight on seat) position? From there get to where I can transition from sitting to standing to sitting all while riding?

I’m probably over thinking this…

Riding with little or no weight on the seat shouldn’t be a problem. This is the only way a lot of beginners can ride! Putting more weight on the saddle is usually what they need to work on.

You can always use your hand to adjust the saddle and/or your shorts after mounting. I got better at repositioning my feet on the pedals when I started trying to idle on one foot, but it doesn’t sound like you’re at that point yet.

Most of all, I would say that this is one of those problems that works itself out over time.

I tend to very lightly stand on the pedals and “scoop” everything into the right position. It’s a quick little maneuver that takes a fraction of a second.

When I was first learning to ride I had a hard time changing my weight distribution while riding, but with a little practice it’ll become secondhand. Try readjusting while holding onto a stationary object first, and then apply the same concept to riding. Just put a little more weight on your feet, scoop, and sit back on your sitbones. :slight_smile:

I guess I should start by practicing grabbing the saddle horn with my hand and moving it around. I tend to keep both arms out and at the ready and have not had much luck grabbing the seat while riding without getting myself out of balance.

Your idea to practice by holding on to something and riding while off of the seat is an excellent one. That will help you get the feel for it.

I regularly stand and pedal a bit to get blood flow going again and reposition my sit bones.

Yepp like Killian I do this fairly often :smiley: You only need to do it for a second to shift a bit or to wake your squishy parts up.

I find it easiest to do while grabbing the seat handle - push down a bit to lift your arse up, and obviously pedal a bit harder so you’re stood on your feet. Having your hand on the seat handle also means you can use your hand to reposition the seat under you a bit too :smiley:

I do too. It just takes a second or two to relieve the pressure and get some fresh blood through there. And as Song points out, it took quite a while when I was starting out to learn how not to ride that way.

I think the first step is to get comfortable riding while holding onto the saddle handle. Once you can do that then you can stand up and use the handle to reposition the saddle underneath you.

If you’ve got a quality uni, I wouldn’t worry about your weight. I weigh ~225lbs without my armor/helmet/camelback etc and don’t think twice about hopping Again, quality uni is key here. Unless you’re willing to take a broken uni as an excuse to upgrade :wink:

I am also a beginner like you and have been riding for a little over 2 months now. I noticed with the saddle as high as possible, it is easier to hold on to the saddle while riding and balancing with my other hand. All it needs is practice. I try to ride every evening about 5-8 kilometers. The more you ride the better your balance and also the easier it gets to shift your feet in a better position and also shift yourself better on the seat.