How to remove Airfoil rim powder coating? Coker wheel

If I don’t have access to Scott Wallace’s rim braking surface milling machine, do any of you have any ideas on the best way to remove the powder coating to improve airfoil braking performance.
-Plastic media blasting?
-sand blasting?
-or good old sand paper?

Or other ideas to improve brake performance while leaving the powder coating in place.

Any ideas appreciated

Powder coating is a very strong surface it is not like regular paint… I would have to say that sand blasting is the only way…

I have removed powdercoating from a sun doublewide rim on the braking surfaces useing an orbital sander. It worked great. You have to remove the tire of course and then start with a corse paper 100 grit or so and as soon as you start to see metal switch to a fine cloth paper.