how to reduce chafing

yeah does any one here know how to reduce chafing or how to gt rid of it quickly :astonished: i am in desperit need of a way to reduce chafing

Well, in my experience theres not a lot you can do. Maybe road unicyclists will have better advice on this one. Basically most riders get chafing when they start, usually it goes away after a month or two and only really comes back after huge rides/whole days a competitions. One serious help is to get a good seat. A gel saddle, kh or velo seat should help.

Since your in australia you can grab a velo saddle from for not too much money. If you already have one you might just need to work through it, if its a continuing problem after more than a few months riding you might consider vasoline or other products designed for chafing. Visit a chemist/pharmacy.


I use this sometimes:

here’s a website:

You can find it at running shops or maybe bike shops.

Bacon grease, rendered kangaroo fat…

alternatively: spandex bike shorts, rigged for dive.


theres 661 trials shorts that u can get, not sure how good they r, but i reckon they would be great!

I am also a suffer of chafing.

In an ideal world I would grow another layer of skin on my inner legs… but in an ideal world I would also have wings and a built in wheel…

Not wearing jeans while and I’m riding helps. I’m going to trim my KH seat to stop as much rubbing.

I think it tends to disappear over time.

Hope this helps

Spandex cycling shorts will make a big difference. You wear them next to the skin, which means no underwear under them. You can wear shorts or pants over them.

It could also be due to the way your ride. Do you squeeze the saddle as you ride? Are you tense when you ride or are you relaxed? Or it could be due to your physique and the shape of your upper legs and thighs or the natural width of your hip bones.

haha i once shaved and that reduced chafing loads!


I laughed for almost 7 minutes when I read that.


ok ive been riding for 5 years ,i have a good seat and im thinking about getting a gell seat thx all

I’m not sure if it’s also on the other nations’ UDCs, but on the US one, they have this stuff.

I’ve never used it, but it looks like it would help nicely.

a good seat is crucial…what kind are you using right now?
and cycling shorts help a BUNCH too.

If you get cycling shorts (and do, they make a world of difference, they also help to keep Frankie and the Twins out of harms way), spend the little bit extra and get the bib-shorts. They may look a little WWE, but throw a T-shirt over them and you’re good to go.
The shoulder straps help stop the shorts from sliding down and bunching between your thighs.