How to read my tyre.

i was just wondering what the numbers on the side of my uni tyre stand for
i think ive figured that the 20 x 1.95 means
the 20 being the final size of the wheel + tyre in inches and the 1.95 being how long/tall :thinking: the tyre is
but whats the width, or is that simply not listed
confused much?
i am

20 is the diameter, 1.95 is the width. Right?


Ill take your word for it

the 1.95 is the tyre width

20" is the final size of the wheel and tyre for an average sized tyre. E.g a big fat muni tyre and a skinng racing tyre can both be called 24", but the muni tyre will be probably atlerast 2" bigger diametre. They both fit around the same sized rim. It’s an awful system.

and indeed sir, indeed it is

The width number is called “section width”, which is the horizontal line across the fattest part of the tire, usually in the middle of the casing. As section width increases, tire volume increases somewhat exponentially, although you’d have to ask someone like Harper or some other rocket scientist for the formula.

Well if you assume the tyre has round section then it increases as the square of the width.