How to put on KH seat cover?


I did a search and couldn’t find anything to help me. I recently bought a KH seat cover for the purpose of “rebuilding” my Coker saddle. I intended to take the foam from the Coker saddle and put it on a KH base that I had laying around, then cover it with my newly bought KH seat cover. The foam fits on the base fine, the bases are exactly the same size, but unfortunately I have trouble getting the cover onto the foam/base. Is there a trick to this or am I doing something wrong?


On my last cover, I rolled it off of the foam like a sock, and then pulled it back on as such. Slid the nose of the saddle into the front and then unrolled/pulled the rear of the cover around the back. You’ve gotta yank on it fairly good, but it’ll get there.

If you haven’t glued your foam down, you should. It’ll keep it from sliding around on you. I use Kraft bond spray adhesive.

Good luck, others will chime in with some real advise I’m sure. :smiley:

There are 3 sizes of kh foams also therefore 3 different depth saddle covers. If your foam is tall like a freeride saddle a street saddle won’t fit for example you would need a freeride cover or trim the top of your existing foam. Or make new foam. Might not be your answer though
In what way isn’t it going together too well?

Hey, I’m bumping this in hopes that someone will have some solutions for me! So what’s happening is the sides seem to be getting tight while the top (where you sit) is still slack. Because the sides are tight, I can’t stretch it anymore to get the back of the cover over the back of the base. I can post pictures later if I don’t get a solution. Help me please! It’s driving me crazy and I can’t use my Coker without a saddle :stuck_out_tongue:

A picture would help…

sounds odd, throw some images up and we can all diagnose for you.

Maybe the little Taiwanese factory workers were malnourished when they stitched up your saddle cover and it may never fit anything…