How to pronounce "Coker"

Is it like the dring Coca Cola…so like Coke and then an r or like being cocky and then coker?


coke- er for me

I say it coke…er. People seem to take every opertunity to laugh at us unicyclist and if you say cock…er Im sure you will get more negativity againts it.

The best way to pronounce Coker these days is: Nimbus 36, or Radial 360.

“Numnuts” 36 or “Rad” 36! I’m glad I have the second one! :slight_smile:

my goodness that was a subtle shoehorning of your personal agenda

Lol, “Subtle”?, I was hoping it was more IN-YOUR-FACE straight forward! My only agenda is to have FUN! And of course a have healthy sense of humor! (have you seen any of my videos? ) :stuck_out_tongue: Btw, both 36ers…ALL 36ers rock! Pick a 36, any 36 and you’ll love it!