HOW TO promote your unicycle club? - Front Page News

Our local newspaper lets us citizens drop of interesting pictures and they’ll sometimes print them in the Neighborhood Appeal sections.

Recently we got the Front Page!The copy reads:
Central Gardens resident Tommy Thompson, founder of Memphis Unicycle Club, jumps across a gap in the rocks atop Black Mountain near Cumberland Mountain State Park in East Tennessee. Several club members gathered with Plateau Unicycle Club members in Crossville to camp and cycle for two days.

tommy front page.jpg

Great photo!!! Wow!!

Go Tommy!!

memphismud - I remember when you took that shot! Great job of envisioning that angle and of catching the action at the golden moment. It’s no surprise to me that you got that photo in the paper.


kewl pic
great exposure
well done!

Three cheers for Memphis Mud! He did everything to use this awesome photo to promote our uni club and uni awareness. The morning that this was published, my wife called me while I was at work, squeeling with surprise, when she saw this. We didn’t know that the Mudman had submitted this photo. Great job Mudman!