How to prepare long distance on 36"

Another rider and myself are riding in the Ragbrai across Iowa this coming July, and we are training and finding saddle pain to be an issue. We went to bike barn to look at bike shorts and found them to be heavily padded in the rear and minimally padded in the groin. Looking for a recommendation for shorts. Also a saddle. Currently on a velo saddle, but I have a flat saddle that I want to get upholstered with some soft and more cushioned fabric. Any help is appreciated.

You may have to experiment with different options. It is all personal preference when it comes to your saddle.

I wear two biking shorts one the correct way and the other pair backwards (LOL).

I use a KH Freeride saddle. There are a lot of threads about different saddles so search the forum.

Good luck.

Don’t forget the lube!

The groin area is not the most important, with the right angle, you’re sitting more on the rear (sit bones) of the saddle.

But the chaffing is pretty real. There are some good creams out there (Blue Steel is one), to be applied regularly. The more you ride, the more the skin down there gets thicker. Do some research for products that will help prepare your skin too.