How to park a unicycle

Just thought I’d share a couple of little “hacks” I use to prevent my unicycles from falling over when left leaning against a vertical object (tree, wall, etc).

The first one only works with unicycles with a brake. For some bizarre reason I like to wear a couple of admittedly tacky silicone bracelets. I just think they look cool/young/whatever. Several people have asked me in the past why I wore them, and I didn’t really have a sensible grown-up answer… until I became a unicyclist:

Once in place, the bracelet squeezes the brake lever thereby locking the wheel in place. When I’m ready to go, I simply pop the bracelet back onto my wrist.

The second method is similar, I basically carry a piece of double-sided Velcro which again can be worn on the wrist when not in use or alternatively wrapped around the seat post. The Velcro strapped can then be used to prevent the wheel from spinning in several ways, here’s how I do it:

The third method really depends on your saddle shape. The KH Fusion One kinda lends itself to hooking onto things, either at the back (when the nose is pointed upwards) or the front if a brake bracket is present and the brake isn’t fitted:

In China unicycles are so popular high speed rails are fitted with a unicycle rack as standard:

It’s always nice to know how other people do stuff, so if you know better ways do chime in. Cheers :slight_smile:

This works for me: a short loop of shock cord around the pedal axle, with the pedal in the high position, and the other end of the loop around a high point on the uni.

I did this when I commuted and had to be safe from criticism on spurious health and safety grounds.

Nice one, I’ll give it a try.

Really cool ideas from both of you, thanks! I’m new so hadn’t even thought of things like this.

I had no idea unicycles were that popular in China! And I watch stuff about China every day.

Another couple:

  1. For people who have a grip hole in the front of their seat, a big enough elastic loop or even a loop of twine could be turned through itself to become a noose around the edge of the seat’s hole, which would then leave you the rest of the loop to hook around whatever you like, be it a pedal/crank or something that would function as a stand.

  2. For shorter lengths, say hooking your seat or seat post around the edge of a park bench slat or pillar or a chair, the dollar store has elastics that women use for their hair that can be stretched pretty well, and you get a lot in a single package. If they don’t stretch enough for you, you can noose two or more of them together to double the length or whatever. If they stretch too much for you, just use two or three. If you lose it or they break, who cares, they’re so cheap. They can be worn around the wrist too, or stretched over a handlebar, If you’re a woman or have long hair, you might already be wearing one or two.

They also sell cheap bungee cords, including pretty small ones of course.

LOL they are not! Failed attempt at sarcasm, I guess :slight_smile: That rack is meant for oversized luggage, but it so happens to be perfect for storing a 19/20" uni. The middle shelf folds up and back, allowing the wheel to hang through.

Heh failed attempt on my part too, then. Actually I feel pretty silly now for being so gullible. I was going to call baloney and say it was just a coat rack, but then noticed how far forward the bars were … and figured that would make the coats thrust out way too far, and so …

… I didn’t really know what to think and got caught in your fiendish trap! :smiley:

I use the velcro method, adapted from use on my bicycles. On the unicycle, I keep it wrapped around the crown. To park my unicycle, I unwrap enough to thread between the spokes, up around the inside circle of the rim and then back to the crown. Your way looks a little easier so, I’ll see if I can make it work on mine. Thanks for sharing!

Do yous park the uni when saying going to the store or a pub or whereever you go in public? Im always afraid the uni will be nicked. Even though most peeps can’t ride them, they weigh nothing and only the 4 screws connect the frame to the wheel. People will just steal them because they can.

I think once I have the 24", I can just take it with me into the store. Don’t wanna ride the 19" to town as the centre is too far, nor walk with the bigger sizes inside the supermarket.

We’ve been talking about ways to keep the uni from falling down while parked. I would not park it anywhere that called for a lock, except in a bathroom, where the uni can’t fit in the stall.