How to paint a unicycle

this is how i painted my unicycle! feel free to ask questions or leave comments! thanks

Awesome video! The paint job you did is sick!!!

hey thanks man!! :slight_smile: i REALLY like the outcome of the paint job! its glossy and metallic, so it looks brand new again! hopefully the video will help you do the same if you ever decide to paint yours. i’d like to see a video response if you do!

That looks great!

Haha, I was just about to go searching for tips on how to paint my uni since I’ve got a chrome one coming in the mail soon, nice timing :stuck_out_tongue:

ahh thats EXACTLY what i was hoping to hear!! haha i’m glad i could help! i’ve seen some weird videos of old men painting muni’s and i didn’t like their color choice, and the videos didn’t really explain how to do anything or what they used.

So i thought i would just do my best to record everything and make it seem like an easy thing for any unicyclist to do themselves without worrying about ruing their uni!

but i do think that this video is one of the better examples/tutorials for a more common street uni and it turned out to look great!

i just ordered some clear grape twisted pc odyssey pedals for my uni and its going to look SO good with the purple frame :slight_smile:

I’d like to see your uni after you paint it!

Well it definitely helped, it looks so easy! Your uni is gonna look so sick with those pedals :sunglasses:

And I’ll see if I can post a pic in this thread when it’s done, eh?

Looks sick man! :sunglasses: I have a kh frame, I want to strip it with proper paint stripper but I’m so scared cause I don’t want to ruin it, haha :o But nice tutorial :wink:

THAT COLOR IS SO SWEET!!! :open_mouth: I love your unicycle!
will it marry me? xD

I also painted my rim purple once, but the color wasn’t really good :frowning: What did the spraycans you were using cost? And do you think it’s possible to use normal graffiti spraycans?

Dude they only cost like 7 bucks a can. and make sure you buy them from an automotive shop like O’reilly or checker body auto parts… or whatever automotive shop is around you. Normal graffiti spraycans are meant for plastic, concrete or whatever…so it’ll chip off the uni cuz its metal. so make sure you get duplicolor metalcast from an autobody shop and get a REALLY glossy, metallic looking color! it took me like 20 min of just debating in my mind if the brand i bought would look good and it did! hope that helps

also, thanks guys for the compliments! and if you have a sandblaster TOTALLY use that instead of 80 grit sand PAPER. but it’s possible to just sand it by hand